The Hair Secret photoshoot


Here are a couple of our new photos for the salon. Natalie created this first look by using Kevin Murphy Anti gravity. She dried it into the models hair ( the models name is Grace Gray) she then set Graces hair in small heated rollers. Once the rollers cooled down she then used a soft brush and brushed it through. I hope you like it. : )


This look was a bit more complicated, Natalie already had prepped the hair with Anti gravity by Kevin Murphy and used the rollers. Natalie then brushed the hair in the opposite direction she wanted the plait to go in, put grips criss cross up the middle of the head from nape to the forehead. Then she placed padding in and gripped it, once this was done she covered the padding with Grace’s hair. She plaited using fish tail plait method starting from the middle of the head and ending with the plait coming over Grace’s face.

Photos by Kai. P

Hope you like them : )


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