Classic wedding Emma

The look I wanted to create was very much a classic 20’s curl almost retro finger waves. My bride Emma had very fine hair and didn’t hold any volume and curl. To say I wasn’t worried about it lasting was an understatement, I was determined to do it.
This was the look she showed me.


Due to Emma’s hair also becoming greasy quite quickly we had to wash it first. We used Kitoko volume enhance range. Then I applied GHD root lift at the roots as well as their foam. I blow dried adding volume to the roots with a round brush. Once this was done I reapplied the products to the dry hair and dried through again. This gave the hair a slight tackiness that would hold the curl.
I then parted the hair over to the side put in heated rollers through the top and using the new GHD Eclipse pin curled the rest.
Once it cooled down I back combed and using a small Mason and Pearson brush brushed the top and front. I also used my fingers as well to create that soft wave at the front.

Here is the final look.


Nat x

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