15 minute smokey eye 

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a couple of tips on how to achieve a quick simple smokey eye, so did it on myself.

The photos are not perfect but hey.

I know life is busy and if your a working mum like me you don’t have much time to get ready in the mornings. I will get around 30 minutes to do my hair and makeup before my beautiful 18 month old decides he has had enough.

This is how I achieved my look.

1. Apply primer I use young blood primer which glides on.

2. I used a young blood mineral foundation and I used a foundation brush. Brushes are great as they make it easy to applaud get that smooth look. Start from the Center of your face and blend the foundation out wards using your foundation brush.

3. I apply a setting powder again young bloods, this keeps it on all day. I never get time to reapply!

4. I used a Lilly lolo eyeshadow I a soft brown and swept it across the whole lid and with the excess I applied under my bottom lashes.

5. I applied a lighter shimmery one in the inner corner near my nose and blended it across

6. Using a black powder and an angle brush on the top lashes I applied a soft line slightly flicking at the out corners of my eye.

7. Using a black pencil liner I applied under my lashes and then directly above my lower lashes.

8. Use lots of black mascara and get it right to the bottom of the lashes.

Finish by applying powder to you brows and a bit of bronzer and your done!

Hope this has help. Xxx


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