The Hair Secret… Young Blood Make up

We were so excited the  other day to see the new Young Blood Make up arrive at the salon!

I decided to have a morning where all the team from Bloom Beauty Bar and The Hair Secret could have a play and tell me what they thought of the mineral make up.

They were not disappointed.

Young Blood pride them selves on using only the best ingredients on the market but still give a flawless finish. A couple of the team members were a bit unsure if they could get the same look and coverage as their usual foundation. Myself and my fantastic make up artist Zoe showed how to apply the loose powder foundation properly by using the Kabuki brush and using downward strokes on the face to build up the coverage.  Afterwards you set the foundation using the rice setting powder. We were all delighted with the results and some surprised.

I loved the foundation and how it felt on my skin, I am a big fan of mineral make up and using it has always been better for my skin than normal foundation.  I don’t know about you but getting spots at my age ( I’m not that old at 34 but still I am no teenager ) is not a good look. I do find it hard to get a good coverage though so the Young Blood loose powder was a pleasant surprise.

The eye shadows blended beautifully and the pigment in them were amazing. I found them easy to use and they weren’t too messy. They didn’t drop all over the place like some.

I’m waiting to get the gel eye liner and I will review that soon, I’m very excited about that one!

I highly recommend this brand and if you are about come in a have a try.

Keep coming back for more hair and make up tips tricks and advice. Also any comments please leave them below I would love to know what you think of Young Blood or any other mineral make up brand.





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