The Hair Secret…. Halloween photo shoot 2016.

Halloween Clown. Hair by Amy make up by Zoe.

Hi Guys its been a while since I have been able to catch up with this blog however a lot has happened over the last 6 months so there will be a lot of content coming.

First off my favorite time of last year was Halloween, we have now got Bloom Beauty Bar with us in the salon and my make up artist Zoe is amazing! so I decided to do a Halloween photo shoot to show you lovely clients what you can do or what we can do for you. It’s not black bin bags and face paint these days no! you have to look the part and it is getting more and more popular.

The two looks we focused on was the clown and the mermaid look. The Make up in both photos was done by Zoe and the hair by members of The Hair Secret team Amy and Holly.

For the clown’s hair Amy first crimped all the hair and then rolled it up in to buns on top of the models head. We wanted to add colour to the look so using Organic Colour Systems no limit range we dyed some hair extensions and crimped them. They were then gripped to the buns to create the messy bun look.

The make up created by Zoe was inspired by the harlequin clown look and she used a lot of grease paint to make sure this stood out.

The Mermaid. Hair by Holly and Make up by Zoe.

The Mermaid was a look was a lot trickier than we expected. Using fishnet stockings to create the fish scales and making sure the hair looked as colourful as the make up was a challenge.

We used Organic Colour Systems No Limits colour to colour a new set of extensions blue, green, purple and yellow. We crimped the hair to add texture then Holly corn rolled the front of the models hair to the crown then she backcombed and added the extensions. Rings were added into the plaits at the front. Finally to pull the look together we used a blue hair spray colour at the front.

The main look with the make up was the fish scales, using fish net stockings we pulled them up against the models face and painted the different colours on to it and this created a stencil. Using bright colours such as blues and purples on the eyebrows and lips really brought this look together.

I hope you like these two looks, any feedback is great and if there is something you want to see please lets me know.

Nat xx


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