The Hair Secret… No limits Colour by Organic Colour Systems.


Today I wanted to talk a bit about the amazing No Limits colour by Organic Colour Systems. I use this a lot in my colour work especially when creating bold colours such as my Pink Tips photo shoot.

Hair by Natalie Lupton

No Limits is a semi permanent hair colour which can be used in a variety of ways.It is a direct colour so you don’t need to mix it with a activator, It has an amazing selection of colours ranging from bright pinks to natural browns. You can use it to revitalise  your shade in between colouring by using the natural colours and it can also add rich tones to the hair as well. My favorite has to be the coppers and reds as it just gives red hair an added oomph, depth and shine.

To create a bright colour like the one I did in my photo the hair needs to be lightened first. Organic Colour System Naturlite is my go to product for all my lightening processes. It is ammonia free and creates the most amazing blondes but without the damaging effects of normal bleach. Once your hair has lifted to a shade of a creamy banana then wash off and I always treat after with Power build revamp and then on wet hair apply the colour direct to the areas you want to colour, leave for 30min then wash off and just apply conditioner DON’T shampoo. To get a pastel tone all you need to do is dilute the colour in with power build treatment. The shade you see is the shade you will get.


This colour was created by Amy using No limits colour.

So even if you are a stylist or a novice have a play around and see what you think and let me know. If you want to learn more about Organic Colour Systems and No Limits check out their website

Have a fab day.


Natalie xx

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